Termination Competition 2016 Registration

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general information: Termination_Competition_2016

Test Runs

most recent public test run


For registering your solver, I (J. Waldmann) need the starexec ids of space, solver, and configuration, for each competition category that you want to take part in.

For registration and updates, use the templates linked at the top of the status page (or last year's).

This helps me cut/pasting your data into the actual code.

I need read access to the space that contains your solver. Make that space public, or make me a member of the space.


(provisional) It is helpful when you put your benchmarks on starexec and announce the space id. Make that space readable for (at least) R. Thiemann and J. Waldmann. The earlier, the better - so I can start running tests.

Benchmarks received:

  • 121 Integer Transition Systems (for complexity analysis) (A. Montoya) 184632
  • 28 cycle-SRS (H. Zantema) 184732
  • 226 one-rule SRS (M. Wenzel) 182728
  • 13 one-rule cycle-SRS (M. Wenzel) 182727
  • complexity of integer transition systems (KOAT syntax) (M. Brockschmidt) 184696
  • complexity of C programs (M. Sinn) 184687