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April 7, 2008

Harald: Is there a general format which one should use when adding (one's) publications? I think that should be fixed soon in order to ensure a uniform layout.

Peter: If you refer to choosing the Identifier, I would propose name+year[+a-z] for single author papers and initials+year[+a-z] for multi author papers. If you refer to the reference itself, the usual BibTeX formats should be supported.

Harald: Thx, I referred to the identifier

Johannes: I am not sure I like this "references" section, because it duplicates information (see Contribute) that is (partially) available elsewhere (DBLP). The logical conclusion then would be to just link to DBLP entries where this is possible, and copy the DBLP entry format (including their naming scheme) most closely for the others.

Harald: I had the same opinion first. But DBLP is a bit slow sometimes ...