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Please register by writing your name here and the title of the talk you want to give, or the topic you want to discuss. (Feel free to create wiki pages for your topic, and link from here.)

  • Johannes Waldmann, topics I'd like to see
    • the present of Rainbow (give help to people who want to use this, may include some time for actual implementation/hacking)
    • future of Rainbow (what has become of the plans we made
  • Christian Sternagel,
    • I would like to present (Presentation):
      • summary of what I presented in Nancy last year + progress report
      • short overview of (ongoing) work on formalizing dependency pairs, subterm criterion, and SCC decomposition in Isabelle
    • I would like to discuss:
      • how to encode (estimated) dependency graphs and SCCs in Rainbow
  • René Thiemann, topics (presented in combination with Simon)
  • Simon Bailey, topics:
    • the current state of the new implementation of the termination competition.
    • The initial project outline can be found here (This was an informal and internal working document).
  • Frederic Blanqui. I can present the current state of Rainbow and CoLoR.
  • Adam Koprowski
  • Carsten Fuhs
  • Raúl Gutiérrez,
  • Évelyne Contejean. I and Xavier would like to give a talk on Sunday about the A3Pat approach.
  • Xavier Urbain
  • Andreas Gebhardt
  • Dieter Hofbauer