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(These are minutes of the meeting. Please do not edit this page except for correcting obvious mistakes. Make links to separate pages for further discussions.)

  • Unique IDs for problems in database
    • Idea: short IDs that can be used in papers
    • Different suggested formats (nrs are relative, e.g., 2008-1 and 2009-1 possible):
      • nameOfAuthor-year-nr (problem of uniqueness)
      • abbreviatedNameOfAuthor-year-nr (problem of uniqueness)
      • login-year-nr
      • year-archiveNr-fileNr
      • year-fileNr
      • nr
    • Question: Who decides format? Would be nice to have decision soon
  • Annotation of termination problems
    • Comments can be added by user
    • Status at time of submission (open in theory, solved on paper, solved, solved certified, ...)
    • Presentation will show above points and computed information (like date of submission, solved by xx tools, ...)
  • Submission of many problems
    • Zip-files which contain xml-file for adding initial comments, etc.
    • Format of xml-file has to be fixed
    • Should be same format for adding and for retrieving examples
    • To discuss: relation to system-part of XTC-format
  • Wishlist for termination competition platform
    • Testing should be frequently possible
    • Extract challenging problems and letting them run with higher time-limit
    • Quotas for experiments? Accessing non-approved examples? Using non-approved tools? Mainly Innsbruck is in charge and makes rules public
    • SQL-variant for selection problems and evaluate results, where several properties can be used within queries
    • Scoring should be flexible
    • Categories as queries (incl. randomSubsetOf(..)) + timeout(s) + scoring
    • New category: XML-proofs given, certifiers compete
    • Possibility to manually attach proofs for problem (difficult to find/human assisted, or large and put it as challenge for certificating category)
    • Open source (Obergurgl 2007 this was stated)
    • https

  • Discussion whether TRSs should be removed from standard categories which do not satisfy variable condition
  • Timeouts for verified competition
    • Discussion whether there are separate timeouts on proof-finding and checking, or one global timeout
    • Majority was for separate timeouts

Proposed XML Format for Import/Export to the termination database

See here: TPDB_XML_Format