Termination Competition Steering Committee

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The basic ideas are:

  • one research group hosts (implements, executes) the competition
  • a committee, representing all research groups, influences the design and the running of the competition.

Currently, the Competition is hosted on StarExec.

The Competition Committee currently consists of


The steering committee assembled on June 3rd, 2009, during the Workshop on Termination in Leipzig.


Current Votes

Proposed Votes

The Competition Committee should vote on ... (give only some keywords here, link to separate page if necessary. Discussion shall be on termtools.)

Earlier Votes / Issues resolved otherwise

(otherwise = These topics were discussed on the mailing list, some solution emerged and no-one objected.)

  • (asked 31-Oct-2008) what is the timeout that will be applied

for verification (by coqc) of the termination certificates:

<poll> Timemout for verification 1 minute 3 minutes 10 minutes </poll>

deadline for voting: Monday 3-Nov 12:00 noon CET.

See discussion at http://lists.lri.fr/pipermail/termtools/2008-October/000594.html

Resolution: 1 minute timeout.

Resolution (31-Oct-2008): competition starts Tuesday 4-Nov-2008 12:00 noon. The deadline for submission of tool implementations is one hour before the competition starts.

  • what should be the timeout (for all categories, except complexity): 60 sec or 120 sec ?

Deadline: October 30 , 4 p.m. CET. Resolution: three votes for 60 seconds, two votes for 120 seconds.

  • What is the status of Coccinelle/Coq? (27-Oct-2008) Current Coccinelle requires coq-8.2-trunk.

Resolution (30-Oct-2008): there is a Coccinelle version that works with coq-8.2beta4

  • What is the procedure/deadline for submission of new (public) examples to the TPDB? (13-Oct-2008)

Resolution (30-Oct-2008) no bulk submissions before 1-November deadline. But see next item.

  • What about submission of (late/secret) problems? (29-Oct-2008)

Resolution (30-Oct-2008): submit until October 31, 10 am CET. see http://lists.lri.fr/pipermail/termtools/2008-October/000585.html

  • Are the categories LP and FP part of the upcoming competition?

(13-Oct-2008) http://lists.lri.fr/pipermail/termtools/2008-October/000519.html


  • Will there be a SRS-certified category?



  • Will certificates be accepted that are verifiable only with Coq-8.2beta4 (and not with 8.1)?

(10-Oct-2008) http://lists.lri.fr/pipermail/termtools/2008-October/000514.html