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This page is outdated an no longer maintained. 

An up to date version of the content of this page can now be found here: complexity competition.

This page is for listing all techniques applied by the participants of the complexity competitions.

Be aware: the lists are still preliminary.

Derivational Complexity

Method 2008 2009
Arctic Interpretation Tools:CaT Tools:CaT, Tools:TCT
Match Bounds Tools:CaT Tools:CaT
Matrix Interpretation Triangular Tools:CaT, Tools:TCT Tools:CaT, Tools:Matchbox, Tools:TCT
Matrix Interpretation Non-Triangular --- Tools:Matchbox
Modular (Relative) Complexity Analysis --- Tools:CaT
Rewriting Right Hand Sides Tools:CaT Tools:TCT
Root Labeling Tools:CaT Tools:CaT, Tools:TCT

Runtime Complexity

Method 2008 2009 2010
Arctic Interpretation --- Tools:CaT, Tools:TCT
Match Bounds --- Tools:CaT
Matrix Interpretation Triangular Tools:TCT Tools:CaT, Tools:TCT Tools:AProVE
Matrix Interpretation Non-Triangular --- ---
Modular (Relative) Complexity Analysis --- Tools:CaT
Polynomial Interpretations --- --- Tools:AProVE
Polynomial Path Orders Tools:TCT Tools:TCT
Rewriting Right Hand Sides --- ---
Root Labeling --- Tools:CaT, Tools:TCT
Weak Dependency Pairs Tools:TCT Tools:TCT
Dependency Tuples Tools:AProVE