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(These are minutes of the meeting. Please do not edit this page except for correcting obvious mistakes. Make links to separate pages for further discussions.)

  • Notation:
    • TCG is Termination Certificate Grammar
    • Rainbow is the translator from TCG, with several backends (one for Color, one for Isabelle)
    • Another format and another translator is CiME from A3PAT
    • what's the file extension (.tc, .tcg, .tcf, .xml?)
      • .xtc (xml termination certificate)
    • introduce version names/numbers for the format and for the translator(s) (in the .xtc, versioning is by using the proper namespace)

  • extend TCG format towards common format:
    • make nodes (more) self-contained
    • have system (termination problem) in each node
  • DG Approx, SCC analysis
    • give topologically sorted list of SCCs (A3PAT handles graphs and requests this list)
    • have certificate for each missing edge (allow different kinds of certificates)
  • want to certify non-termination
    • proposal: new top element: disproof
    • certify loops (is leaf in proof tree)
      • loop has: start term, sequence of steps, final position (and substitution?)
      • step has: position, rule (and substitution?)
    • later: other nodes in non-termination-proof trees?
  • extend polynomial and (standard) matrix interpretations to rational domain (new XML node types rational-polynomial-interp and rational-matrix-interp)
    • a rational number is an XML node (enum, denom)
    • need to provide the delta for the ordering
  • apply argument filtering on ordering
    • currently, manna-ness has ordering, we want to allow argument-filtering-of-ordering there
  • direct checking of TPG trees (no formal verification) might be useful for testing extensions (Christian has a prototype (microTTT) but not exactly for Rainbow)
  • re-use in Color some theorems proved in Coccinelle
    • e.g. prover termination by innermost termination (if nonoverlapping)
    • modular termination (?)
    • perhaps have a general transformation (back and forth)
  • plan: generate Isabelle proof from TPG tree