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The Termination Problems Data Base collects termination problems that are being used in termination competitions.

Syntax and semantics specification

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TPDB problems are collected from a variety of sources, by a variety of contributors. Often, the author of the problem is not the creator of the respective TPDB file. Sometimes, TPDB file structure (directory names) have been changed.

The following are references for classical problem sets that appear in TPDB.

And here are some extra bits of trivia.

  • SRS termination problems ICFP_2010 and ICFP_2010_relative were produced by participants of the ICFP 2010 programming contest, organized by Bertram Felgenhauer and Johannes Waldmann. All of these problems are terminating by construction. See


java -jar convert.jar someTrs.trs > someTrs.xml 
  • converter from 7.* (XML) format to pre-7 (textual) format: xtc2tpdb.xsl, already part of the TPDB, usage:
xsltproc xtc2tpdb.xsl someTrs.xml > someTrs.trs
  • Haskell library for reading and writing TPDB (plain and XML format) [1]