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The Termination Problems Data Base collects termination problems that are being used in termination competitions.

Syntax and semantics specification

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The following are references for classical problem sets that appear in TPDB.

TPDB problems are collected from a variety of sources, by a variety of contributors. Often, the author of the problem is not the creator of the respective TPDB file. Sometimes, TPDB file structure (directory names) have been changed.

  • SRS termination problems ICFP_2010 and ICFP_2010_relative were produced by participants of the ICFP 2010 programming contest, organized by Bertragm Felgenhauer and Johannes Waldmann. All of these problems are terminating by construction. See


java -jar convert.jar someTrs.trs > someTrs.xml 
  • converter from 7.* (XML) format to pre-7 (textual) format: xtc2tpdb.xsl, already part of the TPDB, usage:
xsltproc xtc2tpdb.xsl someTrs.xml > someTrs.trs
  • Haskell library for reading and writing TPDB (plain and XML format) [1]