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The TC SC will hold session on Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009, in Leipzig, during the Workshop on Termination.

The proposed agenda will be posted here, so absent members can discuss and vote by email.

Only SC members can propose motions, and vote.

Report on the TC SC Meeting, Wednesday, 3 June 2009, Leipzig

  • there shall be a competition in November 2009. Rene Thiemann and Olivier Pons will work out a proposal for selecting benchmarks of problems.
  • the competition in 2010 shall be run during IJCAR. Jürgen Giesl is resposible for coordination with conference organizers
  • the previous SC is dissolved. The next SC will consist of three persons to be determined by election (will take place June 4, afternoon). Two additional committee members will be appointed later.

(Report from WST business meeting, Thursday, 4 June 2009, Leipzig)

  • result of election: the new TC SC consists of Jürgen Giesl, Albert Rubio, Johannes Waldmann. Aart Middeldorp was appointed as additional member. The SC will elect a chair, the chair will make further announcements.
  • next WST will be held during FLoC 2010 (Edinburgh), workshop chair: Peter Schneider-Kamp
  • the WST after that will be held in Obergurgl/Austria early 2012, workshop chair: Georg Moser.

Items proposed for the agenda

(note added June 3: as the meeting did not address these points, they remain on the agenda for the newly elected SC)

  • bylaws
  • TPDB
    • how to handle new submissions?
    • benchmark categories?
  • competition
    • frequency
    • disqualification
    • new categories
    • scoring
  • open source

Additional information

The SMTcomp/lib/exec talk by Morgan Deters will be held in the morning session on June 3.

Simon will present the new execution platform right before the SC meeting.

The report on the competition 2008 will be given on June 4, to reach a larger audience.

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