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Workshop on Certified Termination WScT08

This will be a working meeting, with plenty of room for discussion.

  • location: Leipzig, Germany
  • date: May 17 - 19, 2008
  • local organizer: Johannes Waldmann, HTWK Leipzig


Please register by writing your name here and the title of the talk you want to give, or the topic you want to discuss. (Feel free to create wiki pages for your topic, and link from here.)

  • Johannes Waldmann, topics I'd like to see
    • the present of Rainbow (give help to people who want to use this, may include some time for actual implementation/hacking)
    • future of Rainbow (what has become of the plans we made
  • Christian Sternagel, (Topic: TBA)
  • Adam Koprowski, (topic: TBA)
  • René Thiemann, topics to present (in combination with other colleagues from Innsbruck) and discuss
    • presentation of (fixed) details on upcoming termination competition (TC)
    • discussion of TC-details that have to be fixed by the community
  • Frederic Blanqui. I can present the current state of Rainbow and CoLoR.
  • Carsten Fuhs, (topic: TBA)

Local Organization

Details will be fixed soon. Vote here! (Just mark with "X")

Options for location

Options for date/time

  • workshop start: Saturday
    • (XX) morning (9 a.m.) or
    • (X) noon (1 p.m.)
  • Workshop Dinner (Sunday), booking a table at some restaurant
    • in the city center
    • (XX) outskirts (may include walk or tram ride)
  • workshop end: Monday
    • (XX) noon (1 p.m.) or
    • afternoon (5 p.m.)


You'll find plenty of hotels of all price ranges through the usual search engines

HTWK is at Karl-Liebknecht-Straße/Richard-Lehmann-Straße.

(note: Hotel Seeblick is not a hotel. And there is no Lake.)

Adjacent event(s)

Note that WScT08 is right after WATA08 Dresden. (There will even be some termination talks at WATA.) Travel from Dresden to Leipzig is easy (one hour by train). Dresden is a major tourist attraction.